Early Stage Delinquency Intervention

Altair Global Solutions Co. provides respectful, customer-focused, early-stage delinquency management & debt collection services. Based on historical payment and behavioral patterns, we use predictive analytics to determine the best opportunity to intervene and assist our clients’ customers in meeting their payment obligations. Our associates are specifically trained to interact with our clients’ customers in order to educate them about their payment obligations and trained to be empathetic to customers while resolving delinquencies with efficiency.

Recovery & Debt Collection Services

Altair Global Solutions Co. provides Account Recovery services that consistently exceed our competition, both in compliance and financial results. We customize services and packages according to client needs, and leverage our technology, training and experience in order to develop and deploy individualized programs quickly and efficiently. Our approach is results-driven, but always focused on the consumer experience and compliance.

Customer Relationship Management

Altair Global Solutions Co. provides a unique and custom-tailored experience to your customers in all areas from billing to problems to general inquiries. We strive to resolve your customer issues on the first call further enhancing your brand and reputation. Our team endeavors to constantly improve all aspects of our work and increase value for your company. Scalability is also a breeze. Customer service plays an important role in an organization’s ability to generate income and revenue. It is for this very reason we hold up customer service to be included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement.

Customer Acquisition Management

Altair Global Solutions Co. recognizes the fact that the health and growth of a business relies on generating viable leads and converting them into quality customers. We represent our clients’ brands with honor, integrity, and focus as we deliver the following Customer Acquisition Services:

  • - Inbound and Outbound Customer Acquisition Call Center
  • - Direct Response Mail Programs
  • - Win-Back, Cross-Sell, and Up-Sell Programs
  • - Peak Volume Management
  • - Affinity Partnership Programs

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Altair Global Solutions Co. has launched a comprehensive suite of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services that enhances the patient experience for our healthcare clients. By introducing the Altair technology suite into revenue cycle management services for hospital and physician practices, we create a unique opportunity to engage with thought leaders in the field. Our goal is to improve the overall patient experience by re-imagining how patients are served.We offer flexible communication channels, which improve patient satisfaction. We also provide revenue-enhancing tools, which optimize and accelerate healthcare reimbursement so that clients may focus completely on their core mission: patient care.